I’m Somesh Kumar, a graphic designer and illustrator currently based out of Bengaluru, India. "Little by Little" is my story of growing up in Bihar. I was born in a small town called Arrah. Because my mother had a transferable job, we had to move to various parts of Bihar while my father stayed back in Arrah, because of the nature of his job. While moving from one place to another, I came to realise that my father had slowly turned into an alcoholic. The changing landscape of Bihar is the backdrop to this story that is firmly woven into my journey and coming to terms with my father’s drinking habit.
This project of mine has taken on a shape of its own and, with each passing day, I figure out what a massive task it is to work on long-form comics. 
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If you wish to get in touch, then email me at somsesh@gmail.com.
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